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About Us

Prestigious Occasions is a premier wedding and event planning company known for creating exquisite events. With our unique and detailed approach to planning well-crafted events leaves no detail untouched.   

We understand how important your special day is to you and work closely with you to ensure that your vision is our focus as we orchestrate all the details.

Our clients seek us at different stages in their planning desires, from conception to completion, the middle of the planning stages, or you desire assistance a few months or weeks before your event. By being your trusted planning partners, we deliver a luxury experience that allows you the freedom to truly enjoy this journey from beginning to end!



Kay                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      owner, DESIGNER, & lead consultant

 Hi my name is Kay. I am the owner of Prestigious Occasions and a lover of all things “fabulous” . My positivity, keen eye, attention to detail and knack for perfection is what our clients love about us. We bring the art of creativity and personalization to every single event making it the best possible for our clients and guests. I have had the pleasure of working with multiple cultures, traditions and individual styles to create memorable events.

Our team continually strives to make every experience stress-free and one to remember.   My focus is always on transforming a personal story into a living, breathing moment in time.

Now some fun stuff about Kay…

  • Obsessed with  hand sanitizer and wipes
  • I absolutely enjoy a good chai tea latte…hmm…so good
  • During my down time I love to travel, even if it is a close weekend getaway
  • On a quiet day you can find me snuggled on the couch watching movies or reading a good book

 Favorite Part of the Wedding Day

  • Once our Bride is in place and we open the doors for her grand entrance – Breathtaking!
  • When our couple see their reception room for the first time - it is simply amazing to see their face, feel their emotions, and appreciate their sincere gratitude once they see all the ideas and details together.



Vaneisha                                                                                                                                                                SENIOR consultant & Planner

Vaneisha is a certified professional wedding consultant with over 14 years of experience with 100s of events. She has the ability to design for the distinctive bride and bringing equal style to every event whether intimate or elaborate. Vaneisha emphasizes and embrace the Prestigious Occasions culture of establishing a distinct and personal relationship with each of our clients to ensure that the full potential of the couple’s vision is realized.

Now some fun stuff about Vaneisha…

  • Outgoing free spirit
  • Dedicated Wife & Mom
  • Loves planning social events for FUN family & friends weekend activities

 Favorite Part of the Wedding Day

  • The couple’s first dance – to see the love in their eyes as they dance is breathtaking




Millisa                                                                                                                                             consultant & event planner                                           

   Millisa is a fun loving wife and mother of three. Millisa joined the Prestigious Occasions team in 2015 with a passion for planning and executing events. During the week you can find her at her desk in           the office managing portfolios and researching information for our clients. On the weekends she has a ball executing the events we plan on paper and bring them to life.

  Now some fun stuff about Millisa…

  • Addicted to green smoothies
  • LOVES a good romantic comedy
  • Enjoys quiet time with the family
  • Cat lover - rescues and fosters may find her on Facebook encouraging you to adopt a cat

  Favorite Part of the Wedding Day or Planning Events

  • Meeting the couple during the planning process and seeing the excitement in their eyes
  • When the bride & groom see each other for the first time, I get teary eyed every time


To learn more about our service and how to determine what may be a good fit for you, please contact us here to schedule your Complimentary Initial Consultation.